Chef Christian “Lucke” Bell is the executive chef of Oreatha’s at The Point, the second Atlanta restaurant from Chef Deborah VanTrece, one of the South’s most well-known culinary personalities, best-selling author, and founder of the VanTrece Hospitality Group.

Oreatha’s, which is named after Chef VanTrece’s mother, is located in Atlanta’s historic Cascade Heights neighborhood, and focuses on favorite family dishes prepared by mothers around the world.

Chef Lucke brings a passion for food that was instilled in him at a young age by his parents and maternal grandmother. Their early influences fed Chef Lucke’s curiosity for cooking and led to him honing his own cooking style, which he describes as flavor-forward, fusion-focused, and unconventional. So, it was only natural that Chef VanTrece tapped Chef Lucke as the executive chef for Oreatha’s.

His food influences also came from his upbringing on the northside of Chicago, which Chef Lucke describes as a “cultural melting pot.” The families in his neighborhood came from different places around the world, and Chef Lucke was able to experience versions of their well-known dishes.

This resulted in Chef Lucke’s ability to contrast different flavors, textures, and food traditions and marry them together while incorporating his own unique spin. Oreatha’s Potato Latke is the perfect example of this. As a kid, Chef Lucke ate latkes with a dollop of apple sauce at his Jewish friend’s house. His elevated take on the latke incorporates smoked salmon, herb crème fraîche, and beet powder.

Chef Lucke was also influenced by two of his closest friends in Florida, where he got his first experience as a chef. Chef Lucke credits them both for encouraging and motivating him and pushing him outside of his comfort zone.

Chef Lucke was most recently the executive chef of Rock Steady in Atlanta. Before that, he owned Chef DeLucks Soul Fusion Catering and later served as executive chef at Mattison’s City Grill and chef du cuisine at The Sky Bar in Harbour Isles, all in Bradenton, Florida.

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